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China Student Visa Application Process

Required Application Forms

China Work Visa Application Form
China Supplementary Visa Application Form

1 Three extra special documents are required for student visa.

Your letter of admission from a school.

A photocopy of your State driver's license or any other types of proof of residency.

Foreign Student Visa Application Form (JW201 or JW202).

2 Submit your application.

After reading the application process carefully, please gather them and send them to our office location, we will apply the visa in person at the China Consulate Office for you.

3 Previous Questions.

Q: What type will I need for I want to study in China for 4 months and travel for a month. Is it an X or F?

A: You need a student X. If it expires when you finish your study there, you can apply for an extension with one more month for tourism at the local Public Security Bureau.

Q: I am 16 years old and I want to study Chinese language. Do they give visa for under 18years old?

A: For learning Chinese, you should first get an admission letter and application form JW202 from a school. As I know, some schools and universities may only accept student age 18 or above. Anyway, if you get these documents, it is ok for application from the embassy.


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